The key skill of life

Somehow the most anxious part of the journey is the middle part.

That is when we have left the beginning far behind and are yet to reach the destination. Also when the journey is not unfolding as was anticipated exactly.

Those are the moments of true dilemmas.

In life, there will always be needs of now and there will be dreams of future.

May be life is nothing but all about winning this fight between the two.

May be that’s what the wise mean when they say, enjoy the journey for the sake of enjoying!

May be that’s what is the skill; to enjoy both, the ups & the downs, with similar intensity. May be that is the key skill of life.

Climate Change & Meditation

Last week we had an unexpected climate change. Due to hailstorm in the district nearby and cold wave in the northern parts of the country, temperature in our location dipped suddenly, beyond expected.

The results, it was colder than what we were mentally ready for at this time of the year.

How may this have impacted our meditation?

Three things happened:

  1. We felt cold while meditating in normal attire.
  2. We felt sweaty when covered self with warmer clothing.
  3. Breathing disruption happened due to irritation in throat & nose congestion.

On a wider note, I feel, unexpected climate changes are now to be accepted as way of life. No matter where we live. We are helpless against them.

Yet, since the determination & desire to meditate is stronger, we may need modifications in our procedures & techniques to absorb such interruptions and take them in our stride.

Expect more on this subject over this blog.

BTW: Is there a similarity between change of climate & change of fate… well think with this short slideshow…

As many paths…

Whose path is the best?

People debate: this path better than that… While the truth is there are as many paths…

People say my path is the best… While the truth is we are naturally attracted to the path that’s best suited for us…

People say my path (technique) is original… While the truth is that every path/technique is aimed to reach the same destination…

Three things decide if we will reach the destination using our natural path…

  1. If we are in the right company (Satsang)
  2. If we are disciplined enough in our actions. (Disciplined Life)
  3. If we have aligned our thoughts in the desired direction. (Meditation)

Finally there shall be natural obstacles, obstructions and difficulties in every path… What we do with them decide our destiny and fate. (Blessed Sufferings)

My learning: There are as many paths… Don’t debate, just follow yours…

Confusion 01

Why think spirituality?

I feel 5 reasons:

  1. Every step of life is consuming more of us from within.
  2. Despite success we can’t find ourselves in peace.
  3. A constant unrest keeps going in the mind.
  4. Despite connectivity, we feel more lonely and disconnected from the world.
  5. No one understands me – is becoming a common expression.

Spiritual practices help us purify such impurities of mind and thoughts. They make us peaceful and contented with our being. This is of course besides allowing us to experience the grace of the Almighty.

Plus, we are drawn to spirituality in a natural way. This is not a subject matter for everyone.

So, if you are drawn to spiritual thoughts, practices or literature, don’t hold yourself back. Go ahead and have your experience. That is because this happens out of a natural pull – a result of your past karma and forces of the nature.

Here’s a short video on why ‘this natural pull’ may be happening to you…

Why must I believe in God?

Yes! Why must I believe in God? What is the need?

I am educated, well qualified. I am financially independent and can take of myself and as well of those dependent on me. Plus I can contribute to the society. I can help others. I can do good work. And I don’t wish to carry away all that I earn. I also plan to do give back what I have got. I can do so much. Isn’t that enough? So, why should I believe in God?

Well, this sounds perfectly logical. Bravo to all who follow this line. Please carry on! Indeed it shall be a great achievement if one can do even this much in one’s life. Nevertheless, and on question of God, I am just reminded to a few observations I could draw from the two legendary epics of India, two stories of God…

May be this slideshow may lend a few answers to the above question… Why must one believe in God?

Is meditation difficult?

Asking this question is like asking – Is hiking difficult?

Well, initially, even if it may sound so, those challenges are all winnable. Here in the presentation shared below I highlight 10 difficulties that I have observed people face in pursuance of meditation on a regular basis.

Check out, some of them could be affecting your motivation in this direction may be.


What is Bhagwad Gita?

Can this question be explained in a few lines?

Here I make an effort to do so in 18 pages and 108 lines. Available in 3 languages simultaneously. The very basics of the most powerful book of India.

The objective of this effort is to motivate people to read Bhagwad Gita. Thus the explanations have two components. First, what this book is really all about. Thereafter, how can one learn it even without knowing Sanskrit.

The short eBook may be downloaded from here. (PDF Format)

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Bringing SDM support to Unsuccess

Unsuccess is success in making. It is being on the route, while destination keeps shifting. It is facing the challenges of the traverse. It is going through the ups and downs of the rigour. It is everything until arrived at the ‘house of beloved’.

Thus unsuccess is keeping the faith. Unsuccess is staying motivated and unsuccess is not giving up even when the world calls you a nerd.

The game is all about staying motivated.

The question becomes, what may be that magic pill that can keep us motivated while we may have to walk through hell?

Many years ago, I was in the class and my teacher explained a simple and extremely powerful mechanism for life. A three point program, he said:

  1. Satsang – Keep good company
  2. Disciplined Life
  3. Meditation

SDM, he defined as the magic pill for the desired.

It has been nearly 13 years since that class. Life hasn’t been a bed of roses; yet life hasn’t been able to topple me either.

Unsuccess has been the journey and SDM has been the weapon. All Respects – Revered Ajay Maharaj.

Puneet Srivastava

Each passing day, has brought me to a higher platter. I have witnessed myself attain finer gradients and break open subtle secrets of life – thanks SDM. Each of these developments broadened my understanding about life and cemented the belief.

A simple mechanism of choices; years of practice and I see myself on the path of peace with myself, irrespective of outcomes of anything happening outside. That has been the magic of SDM in the journey of sailing through unsuccess.

Signing off with, Kailesh Kher and his ‘Katha Gaan’ from MTV Unplugged Season 2 – the story of the nomad who got infatuated by the beautiful princess.

The nomads journey is the journey of unsuccess.

More SDM secrets… coming tomorrow onwards…

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I am looking for a Publishing Agent to represent me with publishers in India, US, UK & others for my works in progress. Genre: Self-Help/Motivation.

The Tryst with Unsuccess

Failure – that’s not the word anymore. The term is ‘unsuccess’.


Now what may be that? Let’s see this scenario…

You pick-up an idea; Work on it; show sense of enterprise; take it to the next level; put in every effort you have; face every hardship; bring new innovations; upgrade your skills; give it all what you have and in the end, it still doesn’t take off.

That one moment in the end redefines everything that happened before.

Why show courage? Why be enterprising?

These questions come to the being and when they come to the being, the world rarely has an answer to offer.

I read BG and for last two days every time I opened the book in the middle it lead me to the same page. Chapter 4 – verse 18, 19, 20 & 21.

The choice to show courage was ours. The choice to be enterprising was ours. We did everything in the best faith and yet if it didn’t work, the choice hereafter once again would be ours.

Had it not been what it turned out to be, the situation wouldn’t have been any different. Even in success, the next choice would have been ours.

A small sample from last week:

For those in enterprising mode for life, there is nothing called failure anymore, the term is simply, ‘unsuccess’.

 Bg 4.18 — One who sees inaction in action and action in inaction is intelligent among men, and he is in the transcendental position, although engaged in all sorts of activities.
Bg 4.19 — One is understood to be in full knowledge whose every endeavor is devoid of desire for sense gratification. He is said by sages to be a worker for whom the reactions of work have been burned up by the fire of perfect knowledge.
Bg 4.20 — Abandoning all attachment to the results of his activities, ever satisfied and independent, he performs no fruitive action, although engaged in all kinds of undertakings.
Bg 4.21 — Such a man of understanding acts with mind and intelligence perfectly controlled, gives up all sense of proprietorship over his possessions and acts only for the bare necessities of life. Thus working, he is not affected by sinful reactions.

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Does anything sell better than thought of ‘s*x’?

The Union Health Minster of India makes a statement. The two key words – ‘condom’ & ‘fidelity’! The story runs on front page instantly. Media doesn’t miss adding its bit of spice to the statement and we have a readymade controversy. The Minister issues a clarification, the story runs again.

No matter what might have been said by the minister, the fact remains undisputed that the thought of ‘s*x’ has some definite brand value in the concurrent world.

I wanted to post a story on Paulo Coelho, whom I have been following on twitter for about a week. He has a new book titled: Adultère. (French).

The book is going in Korea as well and the publisher seems to have a problem with the title. Paulo needs your opinion. So, you have an opportunity to help, if you can speak Korean.

Otherwise following Paulo Coelho has been a sheer delight. He posts simultaneously in multiple languages, speaking of his Global status and then he has some photos of him to share for wherever he goes.

Interestingly, earlier this week there was a post on FB by Frankfurt Book Fair. It was a news item from NYT, saying scientists doing test on what goes inside the brain of the writers. I somehow felt that knowing what was in the mind of readers might be more useful. Anyways…

I was wondering what I may be getting to with this post and the suddenly, I have these thoughts:

  1. If one writes or speak or do any damn thing even remotely related to the thing called ‘s*x’, one is likely to make some news.
  2. Writers can learn a great deal from the calm and peace of Paulo Coelho on the outside, for everyone knows what goes on, on the inside.
  3. Scientists shall keep doing what their funding would allow them to do and be in news for a day.

As the confusion between desire for success and quest for peace increases in the world and also within, I somehow can’t help recalling ‘Kabir’, and the life goes  on…

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