Problems in Meditation

So, what’s your problem in meditation? Here’s motivation and support for a host of them.

Posture: If sitting posture is your problem, then here’s some understanding.


  1. Can’t understand the whole idea of meditation itself? Check this: Circle of Solitude.
  2. Do bad thoughts crowd the mind when you try to meditate? Then check this.
  3. Can’t understand how mind works? See this.

Motivation: Here’s a case study about two disciples of Gautama who couldn’t meditate at first.

Concentration: An insight into a technique called – Meditative Walking.

Can’t find correct information on Meditation – Here’s an introduction to one of the best books on the entire science of meditation.

Other people disturb you? Does that disrupt you in meditation? See this, it will help.

Plus there are more resources on this website. Feel free to surf & learn.



Science of Meditation

The aim is to motivate for meditation and since I am a storyteller, I use stories as a medium.

  • 4 types of Yoga,
  • 8 Levels of Yogasutras,
  • 4 Eternal Hurdles : Lust, Anger, Greed, Jealousy
  • And Teacher’s message of SDM


Little Soldier in the big war of lifeStory of a Meditation Technology – The fulcrum that can topple the biggest load of life. : BHAKTI YOGA (Path of Devotion)


One with no Thumb – Moving beyond the realms of success – Becoming the show stopper. : GYAN YOGA (Path of Knowledge)




comebackOn a comeback trail – A story of breach of destinyAnd its secret code. : DHYAN YOGA (Path of Mind control)





Ido-picI do…echoes from an institution dyingmarriage & meditation can they go together? Or the idea itself is too ambitious? : KARMA YOGA (Path of Thoughts & Action)