Why there’s a queue even on Mt. Everest?

Is human ambition outstretching every logic?

Congestion on Hilary Step, Mt. Everest. Photo Source: National Geographics

Congestion on Hilary Step, Mt. Everest. Photo Source: National Geographic

It’s sure frustrating to be in the queue – stuck & waiting and not being able to move at your desired pace. Incidentally, queues are becoming the order of the day everywhere. No place seems to be without a queue. Where once went none or one went rarely, now we find long queues!

Possibly education, exposure and sense of enterprise have changed the ambition vectors on the globe. As a result no one stands an exception in wanting to do something significant in life.

When I was younger I too wished to do something truly big; something that could be held comparable to climbing Mt. Everest in my diverse areas of interest. For 28 years I kept trying. My problem was that nothing big shall ever happen. I would find myself always in the queue, waiting for my turn.

And when the turn shall come, I found people telling, ‘what’s the big deal!’ Now this was tremendously frustrating.

Then I met a teacher, a revered monk. This teacher asked me to do 3 simple things every day.

  1. Stay with good people
  2. Lead a Disciplined Life
  3. Meditate

The teacher called it SDM mechanism.


‘Do this every day and one day your life shall change.’ The teacher assured.

What may such little things do to change life? One part of the brain would question so; yet the other would say: keep doing what the teacher says.

Thus somehow in-between these contrasting perceptions, I kept peddling this cycle of 3 simple steps of SDM. I observed in this quest I walked through 3 distinct types of experiences.

  1. Confusion
  2. Purpose
  3. Peace


Nevertheless, in this pursuit 15 years passed.

Simultaneously, in this period I saw 3 different phases of life. At first I was directionless. Next, I found success, though it fell short on fulfillment. Thereafter I spent time with people who were extremely successful.

Then I wondered, in all these years, what truly has changed? That was because at the outset it seemed nothing big had happened still. Yet, when I looked a little further and a bit deeper within my own self, I saw, several things had quietly changed.

Among them, 3 things for sure:

  1. The countless anxieties that once travelled with me, were all gone.
  2. The endless cravings that I would make always, were all gone.
  3. The innumerable fears that would pop-up anytime, were all gone.

Most amazingly, the anger which brought me so much ill-fame throughout my life, I saw, got diluted.

Also I discovered that I could now handle difficult situations of life with far greater ease. Plus, and most amazingly, I saw myself waiting for none & nothing and yet be in my own peace and with a smile.

Yes, sometimes though currents of life will run through me and give me a blunt shot of pain, yet I saw over the years that my capability to recover from those disasters improved several folds.

When I saw all this, I realized, life had truly changed and this change happened in silence; in quietude, as the teacher had said at the very beginning.

‘This is true yoga,’ now, when I asked, the teacher explained.

Like this I got to learn 2 important truths about the science of yoga:

  1. Yoga is a science that lets us experience tranquility in life amidst all its turmoil.
  2. Yoga is about doing a few small things every day, day after day, for big things to happen, in silence, one day.

Those who can believe this can adopt the science of yoga to change their life. While for the others, there will always be the big risk of spending life standing in some endless queues of the world.

Headlamps Trace Summit Path to Mt. Everest. Photo Source: National Geographics

Headlamps Trace Summit Path to Mt. Everest. Photo Source: National Geographic


If Moms can work; why Dads can’t cook?

5 features of a Dad’s kitchen.

The most interesting aspect of the Dad’s cooking in the modern nuclear family set-up is that either its super exotic created out of some hyper cool recipe downloaded directly from the net; otherwise the food is simple clean routine that conveniently covers for a healthy meal. It’s rarely anything in-between.


Thus there’s a clear demarcation-of-territory between Mom’s cooking and Dad’s cooking and this segregation in most homes persists lifelong.

Sure, many Moms nowadays don’t cook, yet Moms can’t escape the responsibility of organizing food, even if they don’t cook. So, Mom’s territory stands undisputed in either case, please note.

Next, the Quality of Dad’s food is always directly proportional to his success @ work while simultaneously inversely proportional to the pressure @ work. The day his stuff doesn’t taste as good know for sure, something’s bugging him up there!


Besides, in truth, 60% of Dad’s cooking is leftovers management. Yet, it’s the Mom who gets the credit of keeping the fridge clean. :(

Anyways, the Pops who learn to cook must never mind this misappropriation of perception for their nullified contribution in the kitchen, since their work yields to a much bigger secret benefit that I am going to talk about next.

Now, though many Moms may not confess to this, still the larger truth remains that: Dads cooking in the kitchen improves the so-called ‘togetherness quotient’ @ home. Those who can’t believe this may give this idea a first-hand-try and then see. On my part, I assure you of this success with absolute guarantee. :)

Remember: In home chemistry, it’s rarely about what’s cooking; the catalyst is – who’s cooking!

A question may come at this point – what can get a Dad into cooking?

Well, now this is a tricky one and that’s because just like choosing the path of yoga, only self-realization can bring a Dad into this work. None can force him into it. Moreover, none must.

Otherwise, food is the basic building block of our growth, harmony and inspiration in life. If food is well cared for, a lot of things in life are well covered for, essentially for the growing kids if they happen to be around. Besides, without care for food, even things like yoga, meditation and spiritual disciplines fail miserably.

So, guys & gals, think cooking! And to learn more on that last bit on yoga & stuff, check here this simple slideshow: Food & Meditation.