Editorial 2016

This has been a long and beautiful journey and in every way it still continues. We open 2016 with 3 stories on the subject of search for our true self.

  1. What is our true self?
  2. Why search for our true self?
  3. How to search for our true self?

The first story explains the point with the help of clouds in the sky.
The second, through reflection of our lives in general!
Finally, the third, via a case from the garden!

Eventually, we summarize the three together in the slideshow below:

This much for the beginning; more to follow soon…

3 movements of mind

Mind – the most crucial element of meditation. What are its movements that prevent us from achieving desired progress in meditation? How they may be overcome? Learn in this short presentation.

This may be more relevant for slightly advanced practitioners of meditation. those who may be practicing for some time and/or wondering why they are not able to make desired progress.

Continuity in Meditation

My area of work is continuity in mediation.

I choose this because I see everywhere people learn meditation, do it for a few days and then quit. Everyone has one reason or the other.

They all liked it, yet just couldn’t continue. Why?

Have life situations becomes so complex that we can’t have 15 minutes of time for this thing in the day.

Many people say, it has made no difference. Well, that’s because and as my revered teacher says, mind continues in brooding, even when we sit to meditate.

I have chosen this as my area of work.

I faced these challenges. I still continue to face few. Yet, I stayed on and because I did, many things came to me.

I share those findings with all. I do this to motivate more people to meditate.

Meditation is the only way one can be peaceful at heart eternally. Other than this, everything will give only momentary happiness.

Gratitude: My revered teacher Swami Amartayananda & the mantra of SDM – Satsang, Disciplined Life & Meditation.

5 Challenges

  1. Stress
  2. Fear of Failure
  3. Restlessness
  4. Pressure of Uncertainty
  5. Loneliness

These I have learnt are the top 5 personal challenges of people in this modern world. I would be the happiest person if I am proved incorrect in this assessment.

This is what, I observed, disturbs most people around the globe. No matter what country, no matter what culture! These are the 5 challenges that haunt human existence at personal level!

You may question: Why am I writing this? Am I offering some cure? Am I some kind of an expert? Am I above all of them?

Well, no. None of it! I know them so well only because they have been with me as well and probably continue to be, to some extent even now.

Yet, I am writing about them because I did something to make sure that if they can’t be eliminated in totality, their effect is minimized at least.

I share one of my efforts made in this direction.


My learning: We can design our own vehicle; we can choose our own route.

The underlying technology is available universally to all.

Now I feel truly that we must not sit back and be a victim; we must get up instead and do something. Also that there is only one thing that can get us killed by these monsters and that’s our own complacency!

That motivated me in my decision to act and do something about it. I wish everyone who reads this does something similar.

We learn & then we quit

We learn things like meditation. We learn them with all intentions of making them part of our life. We practice them as well for some time and then we quit.

Rather, we are somehow forced to quit!

We don’t want to quit, we wish to continue; yet we are not able to.

And a combination thereof

Plus, weaknesses of our own being!
Lack of personal resolve &
Most significantly, absence of an appropriate inspiration!

I present my case. I learned meditation first at the age of 19 from an instructor. (Transcendental Meditation) I did it for few years, though could never be regular. By 25 I had completely quit.

At 27 I met my teacher. Now I was introduced to a different technique. (Watching Thought Flow). At first I will be regular. But later when I separated geographically from my teacher, after a while I became irregular.

For many years thereafter, I had to struggle balancing my other responsibilities and finding time and mind to meditate.

Yet, because I always had a very strong inspiration in form of the light of my devout teacher, I never gave up on my fight. The more I kept failing, the more I kept coming back.
Today I see, after nearly 15 years, I reached a place very different from most others around me.

Most significantly, I found a place where I know there is absolute peace for sure.

Thus my message: Learn to meditate from a devout teacher and follow it every day.
If you need motivation ever anytime mid-way, visit this website and you shall always find something for that.

I write this with immense gratitude to my revered teacher Swami Amartayananda, who teaches through his life transforming methodology of SDM – Satsang, Disciplined Life, Meditation.