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We are a consultancy firm for entrepreneurs and enterprising people. We kill confusion and get thoughts aligned for action.

We offer support through our ‘Listening Sessions’. We believe your story has answers to all what you seek. We help find them by expertly listening to you.

For appointment please send e-mail to: puneet500 AT with brief description of your entrepreneurial challenge.

Session Length: 3 hours

For further details refer Case-Studies.


Our first clients (2012):

Prasad Bhide,Founder, Aaji Care-at-Home & Mahesh Parna, Founder, Business Guru

Puneet Srivastava, Startup Soldier with Prasad Bhide, Founder, Aaji Care - Sep 2012

Puneet Srivastava, Start-up Soldier & Mahesh Parna, Business Guru