Bringing SDM support to Unsuccess

Unsuccess is success in making. It is being on the route, while destination keeps shifting. It is facing the challenges of the traverse. It is going through the ups and downs of the rigour. It is everything until arrived at the ‘house of beloved’.

Thus unsuccess is keeping the faith. Unsuccess is staying motivated and unsuccess is not giving up even when the world calls you a nerd.

The game is all about staying motivated.

The question becomes, what may be that magic pill that can keep us motivated while we may have to walk through hell?

Many years ago, I was in the class and my teacher explained a simple and extremely powerful mechanism for life. A three point program, he said:

  1. Satsang – Keep good company
  2. Disciplined Life
  3. Meditation

SDM, he defined as the magic pill for the desired.

It has been nearly 13 years since that class. Life hasn’t been a bed of roses; yet life hasn’t been able to topple me either.

Unsuccess has been the journey and SDM has been the weapon. All Respects – Revered Ajay Maharaj.

Puneet Srivastava

Each passing day, has brought me to a higher platter. I have witnessed myself attain finer gradients and break open subtle secrets of life – thanks SDM. Each of these developments broadened my understanding about life and cemented the belief.

A simple mechanism of choices; years of practice and I see myself on the path of peace with myself, irrespective of outcomes of anything happening outside. That has been the magic of SDM in the journey of sailing through unsuccess.

Signing off with, Kailesh Kher and his ‘Katha Gaan’ from MTV Unplugged Season 2 – the story of the nomad who got infatuated by the beautiful princess.

The nomads journey is the journey of unsuccess.

More SDM secrets… coming tomorrow onwards…

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The Tryst with Unsuccess

Failure – that’s not the word anymore. The term is ‘unsuccess’.


Now what may be that? Let’s see this scenario…

You pick-up an idea; Work on it; show sense of enterprise; take it to the next level; put in every effort you have; face every hardship; bring new innovations; upgrade your skills; give it all what you have and in the end, it still doesn’t take off.

That one moment in the end redefines everything that happened before.

Why show courage? Why be enterprising?

These questions come to the being and when they come to the being, the world rarely has an answer to offer.

I read BG and for last two days every time I opened the book in the middle it lead me to the same page. Chapter 4 – verse 18, 19, 20 & 21.

The choice to show courage was ours. The choice to be enterprising was ours. We did everything in the best faith and yet if it didn’t work, the choice hereafter once again would be ours.

Had it not been what it turned out to be, the situation wouldn’t have been any different. Even in success, the next choice would have been ours.

A small sample from last week:

For those in enterprising mode for life, there is nothing called failure anymore, the term is simply, ‘unsuccess’.

 Bg 4.18 — One who sees inaction in action and action in inaction is intelligent among men, and he is in the transcendental position, although engaged in all sorts of activities.
Bg 4.19 — One is understood to be in full knowledge whose every endeavor is devoid of desire for sense gratification. He is said by sages to be a worker for whom the reactions of work have been burned up by the fire of perfect knowledge.
Bg 4.20 — Abandoning all attachment to the results of his activities, ever satisfied and independent, he performs no fruitive action, although engaged in all kinds of undertakings.
Bg 4.21 — Such a man of understanding acts with mind and intelligence perfectly controlled, gives up all sense of proprietorship over his possessions and acts only for the bare necessities of life. Thus working, he is not affected by sinful reactions.
Courtesy: vedabase.com

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Does anything sell better than thought of ‘s*x’?

The Union Health Minster of India makes a statement. The two key words – ‘condom’ & ‘fidelity’! The story runs on front page instantly. Media doesn’t miss adding its bit of spice to the statement and we have a readymade controversy. The Minister issues a clarification, the story runs again.

No matter what might have been said by the minister, the fact remains undisputed that the thought of ‘s*x’ has some definite brand value in the concurrent world.

I wanted to post a story on Paulo Coelho, whom I have been following on twitter for about a week. He has a new book titled: Adultère. (French).

The book is going in Korea as well and the publisher seems to have a problem with the title. Paulo needs your opinion. So, you have an opportunity to help, if you can speak Korean.

Otherwise following Paulo Coelho has been a sheer delight. He posts simultaneously in multiple languages, speaking of his Global status and then he has some photos of him to share for wherever he goes.

Interestingly, earlier this week there was a post on FB by Frankfurt Book Fair. It was a news item from NYT, saying scientists doing test on what goes inside the brain of the writers. I somehow felt that knowing what was in the mind of readers might be more useful. Anyways…

I was wondering what I may be getting to with this post and the suddenly, I have these thoughts:

  1. If one writes or speak or do any damn thing even remotely related to the thing called ‘s*x’, one is likely to make some news.
  2. Writers can learn a great deal from the calm and peace of Paulo Coelho on the outside, for everyone knows what goes on, on the inside.
  3. Scientists shall keep doing what their funding would allow them to do and be in news for a day.

As the confusion between desire for success and quest for peace increases in the world and also within, I somehow can’t help recalling ‘Kabir’, and the life goes  on…

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Cat & Mouse chase

The whole life has been a cat and mouse chase, I realized, once again, two days ago.

We have a new Government in India and that seems to be setting things correct or undoing the wrongs of the previous one. First action: Train Tickets raised by 14.2%. Now how this mathematics worked, perhaps only God knows. The monthly local train pass in Mumbai that would cost Rs. 655 was now to cost Rs. 1300+ for travelling still like a mashed potato.

Now who can get into a tussle with the Government; so what’s the way out – purchase pass for one year a before new rates become applicable! Nearly a million people did just that. That’s me at the railway ticket counter in between queues.

As expected the pressure built from all corners on the Government. The assembly elections are round the corner. Local party men started crying foul. There are debates on TV and slug-fists on social media.

Those who never use train support and praise Government courage and those who can’t make as much money, cry foul.

Late last evening, just before the new rates have to become applicable, the Government readjusts its formula.

Thus now there will be 14.2% rise only. Thus Rs. 655 pass would now be Rs. 750 only. Peace prevails.

Interestingly, now all those who got 1 year pass made, worry what if by mistake they lose it? Does Railway issue duplicate pass? What is the procedure? Any penalty charges?

In the nutshell Government rules and people like us continue trapped in our ‘cat & mouse’ game.

I just wondered when we may stop feeling like a ‘mouse’ and thereafter stop finding ourselves a ‘cat’.

I felt it’s all in the mind.

My message: … be fearless… and not confused.

10 years of Accidental Entrepreneur

Why I have been writing?

My first book was titled ‘Accidental Entrepreneur’.

I wonder why I wrote that book under that kind of title? Why I could not have called it ‘Exceptional Entrepreneur’ if not something like, ‘Tycoon Entrepreneur’.

This book was released in 2004 and it continues to sell still, completing 10 years on the stands. What may be there in it? Sometimes I surely wonder.

That book actually was about self-employment. In terms of entrepreneurship it surely had insights that could get one started. Yet other than that it had nothing on entrepreneurship.

Still, for something to survive a decade, almost unsupported, there must be something of greater substance in it. One of these days my thought went to the point; what that core message could have been that touched people and that has kept it alive?

Perhaps my next book, ‘The Path-Breakers’ spelled that message more clearly. This book was stories of a group of people from across India, who just walked an off-beat path! This one went and stood with ones authored by the likes of Dr. Amartya Sen and Deepak Chopra on the bestsellers list.


‘Off-beat path’ – why? Why I should be writing about that? And does that mean I was never writing about entrepreneurship in the first place? These were the questions I posted for myself.

I figured, I was perhaps using entrepreneurship as a cover to express something else until I found it. I also realized, entrepreneurship seemed closest to ‘it’ as compared to any other occupation. Yet at some point that similarity ceased and then I started feeling alien in that land and may be that has been the reason of my vacuum from writing for a long time, of course except on this blog.

Now I wonder why it took such a long round of journeying.

Both ‘Accidental Entrepreneur’ and ‘The Path-Breakers’ as well as the 6 books of OM Series were stories that talked of finding oneself.

So, do I now write about just that ‘one thing’, whatever that may bring, wherever that may take? Let’s see…

Cashflow and Fakiri

Cash Flow – If there was one thing in the world that could allow anyone pursuing their dream in modern times irrespective of all odds, then that would be – Cash Flow.

Infinite literature has been written on this subject. Countless experts have spoken on it. So, when it comes to my turn I feel paralyzed what new to add to the matter.

For a business that has to be revenue funded, like mine, I have come to believe in just one simple principle – self-discipline. Yes, self-discipline is the only way for enterprising people chasing their passion for managing their Cash Flows.

This may sound strange yet that’s the only thing I feel needed to be in the race for long and long and forever and ever.

No, this concept of self-dawned ‘fakiri’ doesn’t come to me naturally, yet it certainly has given me a new dimension to think about.

Further, if I were to share something more, all I would do would be this wonderful poetry by Kabir that I see speaking directly on the subject. Here sung beautifully by Abida Parveen.

So, call me nuts or call me nerd. Yet for me this is the formula for keeping the cash flow alive.

If you like the idea, no patents or copyrights for adopting it and if interested yet still in doubt or confused how this may help, call for an appointment for my Listening Sessions.

Otherwise, just enjoy the soulful song, you would know where else to find support on the subject:

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Nothing to do

Yesterday all of a sudden I had nothing to do. I finished all the assigned works and didn’t have anything new to begin. Then felt like goofing up time over the Internet but that opportunity too was denied. My daughter decided to capture the work station. So truly I had nothing to do.

This was a pleasant instance, though I have seen countless otherwise ones, when I would arrive at the same situation via a different route.

Those would be the times when I would have been booted out of something or would have failed miserably or may have simply crashed out.

Those too have been the moments when I found I would have nothing to do.

I have seen friends, clients and people in similar situations in both kinds of scenarios – either out of pleasure or out of pain.

The question that struck me yesterday was: ‘What may we do when we have nothing to do?’

There are people who do nothing for a whole life, but somehow that sort of existence is unimaginable for enterprising souls. So what we may do when having nothing to do?

I have a list of three:

  1. Pray
  2. Practice Patience
  3. Experiment

When there is nothing to do then that means something has ended and something else is about to begin – a new journey; a new adventure. Those moments when we have ‘nothing to do’ are extremely precious moments; only thing, we need to recognize them and use them to our advantage.

As said Kabir in his famous couplet: ‘Whether I be in the temple or in the balcony, in the camp or the flower garden, I tell you truly that every moment my Lord is taking His delight in me.’

My message: … be fearless… and not confused.

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3 Pressures

If we were to name three most critical pressures on enterprising souls, what may they be? My choice would be:

  1. Pressure on Time
  2. Pressure on Purse
  3. Pressure on Mind

The way-out is simple. You want to do something enterprising in your life and in India, just simply learn to live with these three categories of pressures.

Are you asking me – HOW?

Well, my suggestion would be – by drawing a ‘priority list’ and thereafter basing all your decisions in accordance to that list.

I can share mine.

My first priority is the almighty, the supreme. Thus that’s where maximum of my time, energy and effort gets devoted mostly. Thankfully in doing that, I rarely need support from my purse and thus spared of that headache always.

The next priority is always my daughter. If it’s her, she comes first. I modify everything as per that objective.

Problem Solving sessions by Puneet Srivastava

My priority thereafter is my customers (my clients). I exist to serve them and serve them to the best of my ability. My fourth priority is my storytelling. My platform mostly is my blog and I have something for it every other day, even though it makes me no money. The fifth priority is the health and happiness of my family of 3.

I attend to anything beyond this list only after these 5 have been addressed and in order of priority as mentioned above.

I strongly suggest have a clear list of your priorities, whatever they may be and that’s the only way to evade off the pressures on Time, Purse and Mind, while pursuing something enterprising, essentially in India.

The world is not going to help you clearing your doubts and confusions, that job been reserved for you. Help yourself, if you truly want some help.

Where or how you draw this list of priority, if that is the question now? Then ‘Kabir’ – the mystic weaver poet of Kashi, answered that long time ago: ‘If you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth: Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you.’

Only reminder from my end: …be fearless… and not confused.

Can a ‘Heart of Steel’ cry?

I told Venkat, I saw Shekhar Sen.

‘Who’s he?’ he asked back and then as if almost instantly recalling, ‘oh… Kabir!!!’ In a moment his body language transformed. Instantly, he warmed up in his chair where otherwise he had been lounging back for a while, ‘that man made me cry,’ he added grabbing my hand in excitement.

I wondered how could someone like Venkat cry?

Only few days ago, I wrote that an enterprising person must have a ‘heart of steel’. Venkat would be someone who has displayed countless number of times, that he has one. I wondered: how could a person with ‘heart of steel’ cry?

I suppose most of my readers would know Venkat. But just in case you don’t; Venkat is founder of Goli Vadapav Private Limited – India’s largest Ethnic Quick Service Restaurant company by number of outlets.

I have been lucky enough to work with someone like Venkat. I have known him for some years and in these years I have seen his stature grow several folds. While I have seen that and I have also seen him grow in humility as well. I have been seeing him get even more humble with each milestone he has been crossing.

I am not writing this to make him happy or proud. In most likelihood he would actually never get to read this piece ever. That’s because he simply has no time for the web. He manages a chain of 300 outlets spread from Gorakhpur in North East UP to Cochin in South West Kerala, a span of nearly 4000 kilometers. His plate is full. His phone starts ringing at 7.00 AM every morning and every call he makes brings him a new challenge. This has been his life for past 10 years, while he has been building that company through countless and often unimaginable ups and downs.

Yet no one ever see him cry foul.

How could such a person come to tears listening to just a few words of poetry? More importantly, should every enterprising person cry once in a while?

Sitting there with Venkat, these thoughts hit me.

3 reasons, later i felt, why every enterprising person with a ‘heart of steel’ essentially in a place like India must truly cry, unashamed, once in a while:

  1. Otherwise you may never be able to discover what’s closest to your heart.
  2. Otherwise you may never get into the madness that’s needed to travel that extra mile.
  3. Otherwise you may never remember thanking the almighty for the kindness he showered on you.

Finally, as said Kabir – ‘All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.’

My message: … be fearless … and not confused.