Let’s Meditate

I can help you in 3 ways:

  1. Surf this website for various Slideshows under 3 headings:
  2. Join me in my Meditation Clinic*
    • At Thane (Mumbai) everyday
    • At RamKrishna Mission, Khar, Mumbai over weekends
    • While I am travelling (April 2016 – Goa*)
  3. Invite me to be your Meditation Companion*
    • To understand basics
    • To solve any specific problems in meditation
    • To smoothen your practice

*Please mail to puneet500 AT gmail.com for details

Meditation Clinic

Join our Daily Meditation Clinic @ Thane, Mumbai.

We hold up to 4 Meditation Clinics everyday depending on the  subordinate engagements.

‘Meditation Clinics’ are sessions where anyone can join and sit for meditation alongside a trained practitioner. These are not meditation classes.

Thus you may follow any technique/method of meditation as learned from your teacher/trainer. Also you may join to simply sit with eyes closed and relax in soft breathing.

There is no limit to duration. You may sit in silence for as long as you wish and can then leave at convenience. In each session the practitioner may sit for an hour or more.

All are welcome.

For directions and schedule-of-the-day please e-mail to: puneet500 AT gmail.com 

There are countless among us in the world who wish to meditate, yet we don’t, since we feel its too complex, time consuming and besides its lonely.

Our Meditation Clinic is a simple initiative to change that perception. Here everyone will find motivation to meditate by meditating along the peers. So, come & join.


Make in India

What Desire to fly… is making in India?
We have 9 items in our pipeline. The first two we unveiled on Twitter for this edition.
And we had three supporting write-ups:

Finding Kindness
Position of Strength
3 alternatives to yoga, meditation, spirituality

Editorial 2016

This has been a long and beautiful journey and in every way it still continues. We open 2016 with 3 stories on the subject of search for our true self.

  1. What is our true self?
  2. Why search for our true self?
  3. How to search for our true self?

The first story explains the point with the help of clouds in the sky.
The second, through reflection of our lives in general!
Finally, the third, via a case from the garden!

Eventually, we summarize the three together in the slideshow below:

This much for the beginning; more to follow soon…

3 movements of mind

Mind – the most crucial element of meditation. What are its movements that prevent us from achieving desired progress in meditation? How they may be overcome? Learn in this short presentation.

This may be more relevant for slightly advanced practitioners of meditation. those who may be practicing for some time and/or wondering why they are not able to make desired progress.

Continuity in Meditation

My area of work is continuity in mediation.

I choose this because I see everywhere people learn meditation, do it for a few days and then quit. Everyone has one reason or the other.

They all liked it, yet just couldn’t continue. Why?

Have life situations becomes so complex that we can’t have 15 minutes of time for this thing in the day.

Many people say, it has made no difference. Well, that’s because and as my revered teacher says, mind continues in brooding, even when we sit to meditate.

I have chosen this as my area of work.

I faced these challenges. I still continue to face few. Yet, I stayed on and because I did, many things came to me.

I share those findings with all. I do this to motivate more people to meditate.

Meditation is the only way one can be peaceful at heart eternally. Other than this, everything will give only momentary happiness.

Gratitude: My revered teacher Swami Amartayananda & the mantra of SDM – Satsang, Disciplined Life & Meditation.